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As a network of independent contractors, we had already developed a significant customer base over the years when we decided to establish Milestone in February of 2008 here in Tokyo. Operating as a local team within a global network of associates, we have been very fortunate in attracting some truly amazing opportunities to work with outstanding companies in Japan and abroad. We apply a simple process of matching up the right skillsets from within our network to meet our customers’ learning needs in Japan and abroad. Minimizing our overhead in this way enables us to leverage the efficiencies we need to deliver world-class learning experiences at competitive rates.

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We provide expert facilitation and coaching for all levels of your business. Let us guide you through a process that leads to actionable insights. . . . Read More

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As facilitators, we specialize not only in our individual fields of expertise, but also in a methodology derived from action research and tailored to the needs of businesses operating in a global environment that is increasingly “VUCA” or volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Dylan Scudder - Milestone president & CEO

Dylan Scudder

Milestone president & CEO since 2008. Started training career at the UN Training Section in Geneva. Works as coach 

and organizational development 



Minako Masaki

Minako Masaki

Worked for a foreign telecommunication company with operations in 180 countries as a project manager and director with over 130 staff.  Was later part of a business.

David Hulme

David Hulme

Writes, grows wasabi and runs experiential learning events in the mountains of the Okutama area of Tokyo. Coaches and mentors.

Traveled the world as a freelance journalist.

Tania Coke - Certified mediator

Tania Coke

Certified mediator. Former management consultant in London and Paris. Holds a diploma in Corporeal Mime. Graduate of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

Tomoyuki Yamada

Tomoyuki Yamada

Trains on cross-cultural teamwork, global leadership, CSR and diversity issues. Served major companies including BASF Japan and Burson-Marsteller. Holds an MBA.

Noriki Scudder - Milestone prsident & CEO

Noriko Scudder

夫と立ち上げた、企業、国際機関、大学向けにトレーニング、コーチングを提供する、マイルストーン株式会社取締役。大学の経済学の授業でCSR(Corporate Social Responsibility 企業の社会的責任)に興味を持ったことから、東日本大震災時には、大手外資系企業と支援活動に尽力を尽くす。




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