Facilitation and Coaching

My experience has been that, whatever your learning goals are, there’s always a gap between the situation you’re working toward and your current reality. I help clients advance toward these goals first by measuring the overall gap between where you want to be and where you are now – and then highlighting the specific points that need to be improved to get to the next level.

Goals might be, for example, quickly getting managers up to speed on a compliance issue, getting measurable results from an upcoming negotiation, or identifying the risks in a project before going public.

How does it work?

Many of my clients come to me with guidelines, principles or values and want to make them more engaging by engaging their internal or external stakeholders. Many of them have recognized a gap between a purely intellectual understanding and the actual ability to put something into practice. This is often achieved by implementing an in-house program to integrate corporate values into everyday communication and work processes.

I have always been attracted to the ambitious challenge of working with clients to assess their current situation accurately, envision the improvement they seek to bring about and then develop an action plan with timeframes, budgets and individual commitments to achieve specific targets as part of realizing longer-term goals.

Course Design
Course Delivery