Product Description

The Entrance Exam for UN and International Organizations course is based on the curriculum we designed for a training program sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This course gives participants the practical skills needed to prepare for the entrance exam for the UN or international organizations. It is a truly interactive course that lets you work directly with experts individually and in teams. Each of the experts has deep field experience within the UN or international organization and will guide you step by step through a simulated version of the entrance exam.

Upon completion of the course, our experts provide you with a personalized performance assessment that identifies your strengths and areas for improvement. The content covered includes a wide range of social and political issues, and various exercises to develop the skills needed to summarize large amounts of text under time pressure. After passing this course, participants will be able to:

• Develop effective proposals with clear action items
• Create persuasive proposals that support key suggestions
• Structure arguments in line with formal report-writing standards
• Analyze and process large volumes of information under time pressure

UN Entrance Exam Preparation Course Duration: 7 hours ¥4,850/hour