Product Description

Profit Optimization is based on the Management Architecture for Decision & Operation (MADO) method. MADO is a tried-and-tested management method for optimizing workplace efficiency resulting in increased productivity and profitability. MADO teaches course participants how to close the gap between forecasted performance and actual performance through management accounting practices. Derived from decades of management and executive experience, MADO focuses on making profitable decisions by increasing management literacy and planning efficiency.
Highlights of the course include:

• Live, interactive workshops unlike any other online education content – you interact directly with the expert.
• Peer review and personalized assessment upon completing each session.

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

• Synthesize traditional accounting practices with new management techniques resulting in greater profitability.
• Present greater personal value to their respective companies through increased workplace efficiency.
• Become high-potential managers with the skills to lead their business into the future.

Profit Optimization Course Duration: 7 hours ¥4,850/hour