Minako Masaki

Worked for a foreign telecommunication company with operations in 180 countries as a project manager and director with over 130 staff.

Was later part of a business continuity team in charge of disaster recovery and troubleshooting to restore telecommunications following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Is specialized in leadership to maximize individual and team power. Minako’s approach helped one team to successfully introduce the world's first Information Management System to Japan.

Works with customers to clarify goals, visualize tasks, help management to advance, read customers’ needs, and make proactive proposals by emphasizing the importance of communication during projects.

Experiencing repeated situations in which she had to achieve ambitious goals in the face of very challenging circumstances, Minako recognized at one point that improving her own project management and helping others to do so was part of her professional calling.

Minako Masaki


She says, “When I was working in Japan, I was the only woman director in the operation. I forced myself work very hard, and put in a lot of overtime. While responding to so many urgent requests, pulling night shifts and working really long hours, I experienced firsthand some of the unique difficulties women face in taking on a leadership position in the IT world.

In the next stage of my career, I started working at the headquarters of a Swedish company. This forced me to think long and hard about my work, to reflect on my career up to that point, my workstyle and what it actually means to be efficient and effective.

Working in such a different culture, I gained insights that completely changed my views on work and my broader outlook on life. I remember, for example, being amazed to discover that a relatively small Scandinavian country can exceed Japan in economic power, international competitiveness – and in happiness!

In my years abroad, I met many inspiring leaders, both women and men, and was able to see that it really is possible to have leadership that isn’t based on gender. This helped me to realize the strength of having a flexible attitude and an open mind to change, all while not letting ourselves be controlled by others.

These days, drawing on the roles I have had in various organizations and cultures, I support individual entrepreneurs and businesses with organizational management and cross-cultural issues – especially in what I call ‘Workstyle reform and time management’. I’m convinced that this is not just about reducing our work hours, but also about deepening our understanding of diversity and leadership from a more global point of view.

Against this background, I work with the motto that Simple is best!"


LAB (Language and Behavior)Profile Consultant and Trainer
Anger Management Specialist-Ⅰ(National Anger Management Association)
iWAM (Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation) Master