Dylan Scudder

Dylan Scudder, PhD


Drawing on over 20 years of consultancy, research and delivery in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Dylan brings a wealth of knowledge to the training arena. This has included management and executive training for a diverse range of organizations from Mitsubishi Corporation, Hitachi Hi-Tech and Unilever in Japan, facilitating sessions for Nobel prize winners and scientists, through to staff training at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is an innovative trainer and educator, working at all levels from executives to new hires. Dylan has the ability to adapt his style to different groups, having providing consultancy and training to major corporations, as well as academic facilitation from a decade of lecturing for MBA students at various universities in Japan.

This, coupled with a deep understanding of many market sectors and cultures, enables him to provide a rich learning experience for people from all professional backgrounds.

Dylan has a strong commercial and academic research background, carrying out research project in South America, the US, Europe and Asia. This has ranged from corporate interventions in conflict areas, to disaster relief projects following the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Areas of specialization:

Organizational Culture Change

Conflict Management

Team-based Problem-solving 
Leadership and Effective Management
Communication and Negotiation Skills
Developing High-Performance Teams